3 Keys To Setting Up Custom Planters

If you're looking for an easy way to grow plants in your backyard or patio area, custom planters are a great option. After choosing a planter option, here are some installation protocols to be mindful of.

Choose an Optimal Location

The first thing to focus on when setting up custom planters is deciding on a specific location around your property. You may have a lot of options, such as the backyard, patio, or sunroom even. You just want to think about a place that you can easily access and will want to be around when caring for plants.

It's also important to think about a location that gives custom planters access to as much sunlight as possible. Then you can give plants what they need to thrive for a long time. As long as you're firm in this location preference, you can set up the custom planters feeling great about not making a bunch of future adjustments.

Make Sure Planters Are Level

Whether you plan on setting up custom planters on the ground or on a base, it's important to get level results. Then when you go to water plants inside the planters, you can make sure you're hitting all of the roots and thus helping your plants thrive over the months.

A basic tool that can help with this is a leveler. You can use it to check your installation results and then make adjustments if necessary. You may need to build up the ground on one side or adjust the base that custom planters are resting on for instance. 

Monitor Plant Health After Installation

Once you get custom planters set up around your home, it's a good idea to monitor the health of the plants inside them. You want to make sure the plants are getting the right amount of sun and nutrients after all so that you don't have to continue changing out the plants over and over.

You might even want to journal what you're able to observe with plant health. You can make a note of how each plant looks and then have a way to go back through these results after a while, making sure your planter installation was a success.

If you like having plants around your home, an easy way to grow them in a controlled manner is to set them up in custom planters. You just want to make sure these planters are installed successfully at the beginning for your peace of mind. For help with your custom planter installation, contact a professional home and garden service in your area.