Accordion Shutters Keep Your Home Safe During A Hurricane Or Strong Storm

Accordion shutters can protect your home during strong storms and hurricanes. The shutters can be mounted permanently to the outside of your windows so you'll always be ready for a storm, and you won't have to rush around for shutters or plywood when a storm approaches. Here's a look at how these accordion shutters work.

The Shutters Have Folds Like An Accordion 

The shutters get their name because they look like the pleats on an accordion, and they open and close the same way an accordion does. When the weather is clear, you keep the shutters open, and when a storm approaches you close and lock them to protect your window glass.

When the shutters are open, they fold against the sides of the window and are held in place. They aren't too noticeable since the sides and rails are thin when folded open.

Shutters Can Prevent Expensive Home Damage

Window glass is vulnerable during a storm unless you have impact windows. If the glass breaks, shards can fly into the room along with whipping winds and driving rain. Your home could sustain water damage and not only that, your windows will be open for looters to invade your home after the storm.

Shutters prevent these problems by covering the window glass on the outside so the glass can't be broken. Just be sure to buy shutters that meet or exceed building codes so they hold up to impacts from flying debris. A flying post or limb might dent the shutters, but the window glass and your home stay safe.

Accordion Shutters Are Made Of Metal

Accordion shutters are made of metal, but there are still different types of shutters you can buy. While white is a common color, you might find shutters in other colors that match window frames. The shutters are also made of different thicknesses of metal, so quality and prices vary. If high-quality shutters fit your budget, it's probably a good idea to invest in the highest quality shutters you can afford.

Accordion shutters are made in different widths and lengths, so you can put them on small windows, picture windows, and patio doors. The locking mechanism is an important feature to compare among different brands since you want a sturdy lock that won't break off easily if hit by flying debris.

Also, some metal accordion shutters have polycarbonate windows in them. Polycarbonate is a very strong material too, and it's impact resistant. However, polycarbonate is clear like glass. This allows some natural light to enter your home and gives you a place to peek through to check on the storm conditions outside.