How a Design-Build Company Can Save You Money

Have you always wanted to have a home custom-built, but avoided taking the first steps because you're afraid of what it will cost? Having a custom home built can be expensive. But it does not have to be. There are ways to keep costs down and build on a budget. One of the best ways to build more affordably is to hire a design-build company. Here are a few ways this type of company can help you save.

The designer can more easily take material costs into account.

Sometimes when you hire an architect to draw house plans, they don't know a lot about the costs of various materials. They may design you a home that ends up costing more to build than they or you assumed. When you work with a design-build company, however, the in-house designers are generally in close contact with the builders. They can communicate on prices to ensure the home designed for you can be built within your budget.

You'll get a quote that sticks earlier in the process.

Having a home built is a long process. If you work with separate design and building companies, there will be some waiting time between the time you receive drawings and the time you hire a builder. Costs can go up during this time. On the other hand, when you use a design-build team, you'll generally get your quote up-front near the beginning of the design process. There's less time for the cost of materials to go up and generate an increase in the quote.

You may have to pay for fewer labor hours from both designers and builders.

Designers and builders both tend to work more efficiently when they both work for the same company and are used to collaborating. If your designer and builder can be more efficient, they won't have to bill you for as many hours. This can keep the labor costs down on your home build. And when an entire home is being built, labor can be one of the biggest costs overall.

Don't let a smaller budget keep you from having a dream home built. Look for some design-build companies in your area, as they usually make the process most affordable. Talk to them about what you want in your home, and get some quotes. You'll then have the numbers handy to decide if this is the right move for you.

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