Implement A Cleaning Program

The reception area is the first thing that people notice when they enter your office building, and if things are in disarray, people may not feel reassured about the services that they are seeking from you. Use a commercial building cleaning program to get your company's atmosphere in order. 

Your Approach May Have Influenced Your Team

If you have formed a bond with your employees and are known for your laidback attitude, this may have had a bearing on the cleaning tasks not being performed adequately. It is great to be a person who others feel comfortable around, but you need to use some tact and authority to let your employees know that you are going to be implementing some changes.

A commercial building cleaning program can include hiring an outside team to assist with cleaning the building from top to bottom, or you can choose to have the duties performed within your business by having your employees assigned to tackle various tasks during their shifts. Walk through the building and around the property that you own and create a checklist of items that need to be addressed.

During this process, try to think about the customer's perspective. What would a customer potentially view as they walk down the sidewalk and approach the doorway? If there are scuff marks on the door or smudges on the glass, these are small issues that can be corrected with some disinfectant and cleaning cloths.

Write down each detail that needs to be addressed, including any areas that you may want to improve upon. For instance, if the reception area contains a small end table and a couple of magazines, maybe adding a coffee table, a vaseful of flowers, and a larger reading collection will make the waiting area seem more welcoming.          

A Cleaning Schedule Needs To Be Addressed

Decide how to go about upgrading the inside of the building and the property outdoors. One day can be set aside for heavy-duty cleaning, and tidying up can be performed before or after each shift. Create a chart, which lists key areas that need to be addressed and purchase the cleaning products or equipment that is needed to complete the upgrades.

Use a break hour to go over the cleaning program with your staff members. Let everyone know that the new duties will be part of their required workload. If you choose to have a cleaning crew come in to perform the initial cleaning, take notice of how the building looks when the cleaning is complete and let your employees know that you expect them to keep things in the same condition.