4 Things To Consider When Picking Out Illuminated House Address Numbers

If people generally have a hard time finding your home, you may want to consider installing a set of illuminated house numbers to make your house number more visible. These numbers can be made in a lot of different ways and have a lot of different features. Therefore, there will be a few things that you should consider as you sort through your options to find the best. 

What kind of power source do the numbers have?

Some illuminated house numbers are going to be battery-powered, which will mean you will be replacing batteries periodically. Other house numbers may get hardwired into the electrical system of the house, which means you will have an indoor switch to turn the numbers on or numbers that are connected to your porch light. Solar-powered illuminated house numbers are also available, which can be nice if you want the numbers located at the curb away from the house. 

What kind of lighting do the numbers use?

The majority of the illuminated house numbers you find today are going to rely on some form of LED lighting. LED lighting is ideal because it does not require as much energy, bulbs have a longer life span, and the light emitted is cool and not hot. Make sure you look at the type of bulbs the house numbers rely on. Something other than LED lights may prove to require too much maintenance to replace bulbs or too much energy to keep the lights going. 

How prominent are the numbers and how prominent do they need to be?

Do you live in an area that gets a lot of rainy, overcast days? Does your home sit a long way from the road? These are a few reasons why you may need illuminated house numbers that are a bit easier to see. Whether you go with larger numbers or numbers with contrasting colors and lights so they are more visible, you will get the best end result by taking these things into consideration. 

Does the design match the exterior of your home?

Even though it is not a major part of your home's exterior look, a set of numbers on your home should match your overall home design. You will find numerous styles out there to choose from; some will reflect the style of your home and some won't. Take your time to look at all the different options before settling on a specific style.