Five Reasons Why Clean Gutters Matter

If you're like many newly minted homeowners, you're in the process of learning how to do the many maintenance tasks necessary to keep a house in good order. One of the easiest home maintenance chores to overlook is taking proper care of the gutters, and new homeowners often neglect them until an issue occurs that they can no longer ignore. Fortunately, keeping gutters clean isn't a difficult task, and once you incorporate it into your normal home maintenance routine, it'll become second nature. The following are just five of the many reasons why clean gutters matter.

Clean Gutters Help Prevent Fires

Even small amounts of dried vegetative debris in gutters poses a serious fire hazard, particularly since wildfire activity is becoming more and more common throughout many parts of the country. Airborne ashes often land on roof areas, so keeping the area, including the gutters, as clear of ignitable materials as possible will help keep your home safe from fire.

Clean Gutters Help Keep Rodents Away

Vegetative debris provides nesting material and habitat for certain species of rodents, so don't make the mistake of thinking they can't access your roof area — certain types of rodents, such as ordinary mice and rats, have the ability to scale home exteriors and nearby trees to get to the roof. 

Clean Gutters Reduces Insect Pest Populations

Rodents aren't the only thing that an abundance of vegetative debris in your gutters can attract — insect pests such as mosquitos, ants, and spiders also find it attractive. Mosquitos in particular like it when leaves and other vegetation create enough blockage so that it creates small pools of water because it provides them with a place to lay their eggs.

Clean Gutters Help Protect Your Landscaping Plants

Clogged gutters create an elevated risk of soil erosion occurring in your yard and garden area. This is because debris traps water in the gutters, but at some point, the dam breaks and the water comes rushing down, potentially sweeping away the contents of flower beds, upsetting newly planted trees and shrubs, and washing away topsoil.

Clean Gutters Extend the Life Expectancy of Your Roof

Soggy, clogged gutters promote the growth of mold, mildew, and algae, all of which can severely damage your roof if allowed to grow unchecked. During the winter, they also have the potential to trap ice on your roof, which creates added weight which damages roofing materials.