Worried Your Commercial Property And Shop Needs To Be Safer? Get These Items And Supplies Today

The responsibility of being a commercial property owner, and a business owner, can be overwhelming, especially if you are always worrying about the safety of those in your buildings along with liability concerns. If you have met the standards for safety by law, but you feel like you could do more around your business, there are some improvements you may want to make.

You will want to take extra safety precautions so your employees can react properly during an emergency, and so they have the tools necessary to potentially help everyone. Here are things to look into:

Wholesale Fire Extinguishers

You will want to find a wholesale fire extinguisher provider and purchase as many as you need to feel comfortable. If you think you should have more than the bare minimum, especially in the industry that you work in and with the tools around your shop or machines, get more to be safe and have peace of mind.

You may also want to have these near the entrance to the office so someone coming in could grab one and help put out a fire if needed. Get a bulk price and get all that you need. Contact a company like Fire Foe Corp to learn more. 

Extra First Aid Items

Having first aid items in case of an emergency is very important. If you only have one kit, or your kit is small, it's time to invest in better options. You want to be sure that you can wrap, glue, splint, and more. You may even want to look into getting a stretcher that you could lift someone on, and having emergency ice packs available. Burn treatment options are also great to have readily available.


If you have a lot of shop space, you may want to add phones that automatically call the front desk, or speaker systems that you can use to alert the front desk to call 911 immediately. This way your shop staff aren't trying to get to their cell phone and find a number. They can react quickly to get help for the person in need.

If you are looking to do everything you can to make sure that your building and the staff inside are prepared for any type of injury or emergency, these are just some of the things that you can do to make improvements. You don't want to end up with a fire or staff member that is hurt, and you can't react properly because you did the bare minimum when it came to safety standards.