Want To Make Your Desert Yard A Little Cooler? Get Landscaping Help To Make The Right Changes

Living in the desert means you will have some limitations as to what you can do in the backyard, but there are still plenty of ways to transform your landscape into something beautiful. If you have never lived in the desert before owning your home, you may not know which plants to look for to start growing. It is possible to buy a random list of native plants from a local nursery, but each one has unique needs that you will need to follow to ensure everything has a high chance of growing healthily and reaching maturity. If your main goal is to keep your family cool in the backyard, you should get help from a landscaper.

Grow Trees to Provide Shading

An effective way to accomplish this goal is by growing trees that provide shading. This means you will want to focus on trees that keep their leaves throughout most or all of the year. Get native trees that have a high tolerance to droughts to minimize how much watering must be done. It is ideal to work with a professional by showing them where your family will typically be in the yard. This is important because you want the trees to provide shade based on where the sun is going to be shining.

Use Vines Strategically

Another way that you can get some shade for your backyard is by using vines. You can start growing vines such as the Arizona grape ivy or the Cat's claw vine on a trellis placed in a strategical location. Since you will need to start growing these vines in the ground and then encourage them to expand to the trellis, you will appreciate getting help from a landscaper, like Oliver's Landscaping & Garden Service, LLC,  who can make sure that positive results are produced.

Incorporate Hanging Plants

If you have certain areas in the yard that you would like to add shade where trees or vines do not work, you should consider hanging plants in a way that will provide your family with some sun coverage. It is crucial to choose plants that can stay healthy while living in a pot, but that also grow big and have large leaves. This will help you choose just a few plants and still produce outstanding results.

Do not underestimate what a bit of landscape planning and execution can do to your yard, especially when it comes to making the space more family-friendly due to increased comfort.