Strategies That Will Make Your Glass Railings More Visible

Having glass railings installed around a deck off the ground floor or second level of your home provides the structure with a sleek, modern feel. Many homeowners favor glass railings not only because of their look, but also because of their functionality — when you're seated on the deck, you can enjoy the look of your yard instead of looking at a solid rail structure. One of the things to think about when you have glass railings is the measures you can take to avoid people walking into them. This is especially true if you keep the railings impeccably clean and they don't have obvious posts. Here are some ideas to consider.

Adorn Them With Planters

It's possible to find planters of a variety of sizes that are designed to sit atop your deck railings. Provided that you can buy a couple planters that will fit your glass railings, their inclusion will make the railings more visible — as well as more visually appealing. You can load the planters with any type of flowers that you like, but consider planting blooms that cascade downward, as this will create a pleasant effect with your glass railings.

Add Some Window Adhesives

If you wish to take a different approach to increase the visibility of your glass railings, look for adhesives designed for use on windows. There are a variety of styles of adhesives on the market, and your local home supply store should have an ample selection. Many adhesives are white, gray, or have a frosted appearance. This means that they won't be overly noticeable, but they'll provide enough to catch people's attention and prevent them from walking into your glass railings. Some adhesives are opaque enough to give you a bit of privacy, which may be appealing, too.

Have A Handrail Installed

Another way to improve the visibility of your glass railings is to have your building contractor install a handrail across the top of the railings. Even though the railings themselves might not be visible, the handrail in a contrasting color will clearly show people that there's a structure in front of them. You can talk to your contractor about different handrail options. Many homeowners favor something bold, such as plastic that is finished to look like wrought iron. Another option is a white railing; it will provide visibility while also giving the deck a light feel, which is something you may desire on a second-level deck.