How To Seal Your Riding Lawn Mower Tire To The Rim Of Your Mower

The tires on your riding lawn mower should be firmly attached to the rim. With lawn mowers, the tires and rims are one unit. However, if your lawn mower tire losses enough pressure, the tire can separate from the rim. Here is what you need to do to seal the tire on your riding lawn mower back onto the rim.

#1 Park Your Riding Lawn Mower On A Safe Location

The first thing you need to do is park your riding lawn mower on a safe location. Ideally, it should be parked somewhere that is flat and level. You should put the parking brake on, but leave your transmission in gear. You may want to put wood blocks around the tires to ensure that it doesn't move.

#2 Remove The Snap Ring

Second, there should be a plastic cap that that covers the axle on the tire. You are going to want to pull this plastic cap off. Once the plastic cap is off, you are going to need to use a pair of snap ring pliers to take the snap ring and washer off the axle of your flat tire. This will allow you to take the tire off. Be sure to place the snap ring and washer somewhere safe.

#3 Remove The Tire

Once you have easy access to the axle, you are going to want to jack up your tire. You can put the jack under the front end of your riding lawn mower to elevate it. Once the riding lawn mower is raised up, you should be able to pull the rim and the tire off of the axle.

#4 Take Off The Damaged Tire

Now you need to remove the damaged tire from the rim. In order to do this, you are going to need to use either a blade screwdriver to help you pry the tire off from the rim. It may take a little leverage and a lot of effort to complete this step. Slowly work your way around the tire, loosening it up as you go.

#5 Apply New Tire

Take the new tire that you purchased and put it onto the rim. Once again, you may need to use a little leverage from a blade screwdriver to help you get the tire onto the rim.

#6 Seal The Tire

Next, you need to seal the tire. To seal the tire, you are going to want to put tire seal on the edge of the riding lawn mower rim. Then, you are going to want to take a ratchet strap and wrap it around the tire to ensure that the tire is snuggly pushed against the rim. This will help it seal to the rim.

Then, add a little air, and make sure that as the tire inflates it makes contact with the glue you put on the rim. Inflate a little more, relaxing the racket strap as you go. This will help maintain the pressure and the seal that you are trying to create. Repeat until the tire is full.

#7 Reattach Tire

Now you need to reattach the tire to your riding lawn mower. To do that, put the tire back over the axle on your lawn mower. Then, put the washer and the snap ring back on over the axle of the tire to keep the tire in place. Finally, take the plastic cap that you removed earlier and snap it back in place over the axle. Then, lower your lawn mower and remove the jack.

Your new tire should stay firmly attached to your riding lawn mower. If you're not confident in DIY fixes, contact a tire repair company in your area.