Should You Choose Vertical Blinds Or Curtains?

If you have large picture windows, you want to enjoy that view. However, there is also the problem of the times you don't want other people to have the view into your home. For that, you need to have some kind of window covering. You could choose to go with something like vertical blinds or curtains. They each have their place when it comes to choosing which one to use. 

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are made up of long strips, called vanes, that go from a supporting rod at the top all the way down to the floor. Some blinds also have rods that connect them at the floor, but that isn't usual. More frequently, the vanes are weighted at the bottom so that they continue to hang straight. Vertical blinds can be made up of anything from stiffened or heavy cloth all the way to wood or plastic. The price differences between vertical blinds and something like curtains are going to have several variables. That can include what material the blinds are made of, how big the window is, and what material you want your curtains to be made of. 

Vertical blinds tend to be pretty versatile. You can just open or close the vanes to let light in or to be able to see out your window some. You can also draw back the blinds so that you can see all the way out the window. Problems with them include the fact that the vanes can break at the top and the pile of vanes can be pretty thick if your window is really long. 

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You probably have curtains on your other windows, so you are pretty familiar with what they are and their benefits. However, you may not necessarily have considered drawbacks when it comes to curtains for your picture windows. One big drawback is that you are likely to need customized curtains for that window, especially if it's a full floor-to-ceiling window. Depending on the width of the window, you probably going to have to have more than 2 panels as well. All that fabric can get heavy and ungainly, even if it's a lightweight fabric, which means that you have to have heavier curtain rods to support the weight of the curtains. 

A picture window is a great way to get a view, but if you can't cover it up, it's a great way for other people to see into your house too.