Create An Inviting Outdoor Lounge

Your patio has the potential to be one of your most-used spaces. It serves as the transition between the outside and inside, plus hosts a lot of your outdoor living. Many homeowners are transforming at least part of their patios into outdoor lounges to facilitate relaxing and even intimate get-togethers. Create an inviting outdoor lounge in your backyard.

Choose Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

The foundation of your lounge is your outdoor furniture. Look for comfortable but attractive pieces. Wicker is common, but wrought iron and hardwood tend to be sturdier. For a lounge, you should be focusing on sofas, chairs and chaise lounges. Incorporate accent tables as well, which can come in handy for dining or other entertaining. 

Decorate with Style

An outdoor lounge should have style. Start with an outdoor rug to pull the look together. The rug can even serve as the basis for your décor palette. Add cozy cushions to your furniture. Additionally, decorate with similar accent pieces as you'd find indoors, such as with vases and mirrors or framed pictures. Tabletop lanterns are also a charming addition for the outdoor lounge.

Install Mood Lighting

In that vein, a lounge should be a chill spot. While an overhead fixture may work well for a dining area, you need mood lighting for your lounge. Tabletop lanterns are a good place to start. However, as Home and Garden TV points out, guests enjoy lighting from multiple sources. The site suggests adding string and rope lights to the lanterns. A fire bowl can also provide pleasing mood lighting.

Include Shade

You don't want to be relegated to evening enjoyment of your patio. Install something that throws shade so that you can enjoy your outdoor lounge even in the middle of the day. One option is to erect a canopy over your lounge area. You can even incorporate fabric or bamboo panels for additional privacy and shade. A sunbrella is a classic addition, especially for a smaller lounge. Another option is installing a pergola and training plants to climb over the structure.

Add Landscaping

Speaking of plants, landscaping is another method for ensuring your outdoor lounge is attractive and inviting. The landscaping can also turn into a transition between the patio and the yard. Indeed, you can plant larger items, such as decorative trees and shrubs, near the lounge for additional shade and privacy. Hanging plants are another option, especially if you have a structure over your patio. You can also place planters at the border between your yard and patio.

Make over your patio so it becomes an inviting outdoor lounge.