Checking Your Drip Irrigation System For Problems And Maintaining It For Better Results

Drip irrigation systems are an option that you may want to consider for your home to reduce water consumption. This type of drip watering system is something that needs maintenance to ensure that your irrigation is working properly. Some of the problems that you may have can be with pumps, pinched lines and blockages that stop up lines. Here are some tips to help you with the maintenance of your irrigation system:

1. Maintaining Pumps and Mechanical Equipment That Can Fail

With drip irrigation, you will have a couple of options for the installation. These systems often use gravity fed designs, which is when the higher storage deposit gives your irrigation lines water pressure. If you have timers or control panels, this will be controlled by valves that need to be checked regularly. In addition, systems that are not gravity fed or have areas higher than the storage tanks will also require pumps that need regular maintenance and inspections to ensure everything is working properly.

2. Cleaning Outlets and Checking for Line Blockages That Stop Water Flow

Cleaning outlets of the irrigation lines is another important maintenance task that needs to be done with drip irrigation systems. The outlets are small fixtures that provide the drip of water to plants where irrigation is needed. Because they are small, the fittings often become covered with debris and become stopped up. If you have clay soil, you will want to make sure that outlets are above the ground enough to prevent splashing and constant clogging of the outlets. In addition, check the outlets regularly and replace any that are damaged.

3. Checking Lines for Kinks and Twists That Prevent Water Flow and Irrigation

Because drip irrigation lines are much thinner gauges, you may find that they become twisted or kinked and water does not flow. If the lines are on top of the ground, make sure that they do not have any sharp bends in them that can cause kinking. In addition, check the lines to make sure that they do not twist and begin to have problems like kinks or plants not getting water due to the outlets being moved.

These are some of the things that you will want to check with a drip irrigation system for your home. If you are ready for a new watering solution for your landscaping, contact a sprinkler service and talk with them about some of these options. For more information, contact a business such as Hydrotech Irrigation Co.