Recommendations for Mouse Control and Elimination from Your Home

Mice inside your home are not only dirty and bring disease and bacteria, they can cause damage to wiring, insulation, and other structural areas of your home with their chewing. And along with the problems mice cause, it can be unsettling and disturbing when you realize they are inside your home leaving trails of their droppings. Here are some recommendations to help you protect your home against a mouse infestation and eliminate any mouse inhabitants.

Keep Your Home Clean

One of the first defenses you can put into place to keep mice out of your home is to keep your home as clean as possible. If you have any small amount of food crumbs on your floors, such as behind the fridge, under the stove, and on the pantry shelves, this is an attractant for mice inside your home.

Mice only need the smallest amount of food for survival and if there is a small amount of readily-available crumb particles, they will stay inside your home and seek out new sources. Their new food sources will include any type of food packaging made of paper, plastic, or cellophane that they can easily chew through. In fact, the teeth of rodents are so sharp that they can chew through any number of strong materials, so it is best to keep all food sealed into glass, metal, or hard plastic containers if you encounter a mouse problem.

Place Mouse Traps and Bait

The best way to get rid of a mouse problem is to use bait and traps to eliminate them, and a pest control professional is a great resource. They will know the best strategy based on your home's layout and your infestation problem. This can include bait traps, live traps, glue traps, and electrical traps. 

Treat Your Home's Exterior

Mice will generally come into your home from outside; so if you are eliminating mice from inside, you need to also treat the exterior of your home. Remove areas of clutter that may attract and protect any mice, such as woodpiles against your home, piles of dead debris, and other yard junk and clutter. Keep your landscaping maintained and cleaned to help control your outside mice population.

Work with your pest control professional to determine areas in your yard that are prone to mice and place traps and bait to control them. They can also treat areas of your yard with ammonia to deter mice, and seal up entry points in your home's exterior. You can use steel wool, caulk, or spray foam insulation to remove any small opening to block entry to the home.

To learn more about mice control services, contact an extermination service near you.