Backsplash Ideas That Go Well With Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a classic way to transform your kitchen into a beautiful space that is functional and attractive. These countertops come in a variety of colors from a light white to black, and popular hues, such as purple, turquoise, and even metallic tones, can all be achieved with this natural stone. Beautiful, unique in pattern, durable, and ideal for the kitchen working space, granite is very popular among consumers looking to upgrade their kitchens. if you have granite in your kitchen and want to add a backsplash, here are some ideas you can use to make the whole kitchen shine.

Stone tile

Natural cut stone is a great way to complement your granite countertops, especially if they are very dark in color. Light gray, tan, white, or even pale pink natural stone with an uneven grain helps tame down the vivid hues of your granite and bring a warm, earthy feel to your kitchen that you can enjoy. The tile doesn't have to match since it's light in tone and appearance and each tile has its own texture, making it versatile in the way it works with your countertop surfaces.

Ceramic tile

A backsplash in classic white ceramic tile can finish any kitchen with any color granite countertops to let them shine. Ceramic is easy to clean and when finished has a shiny appeal that can make your kitchen look bright and polished. As a bonus, classic white ceramic tile is easy to find and often very cost-effective, allowing you to invest most of your budget in the beautiful granite you love.

Mosaic tile

Mosaic tile in a backsplash is a great way to add personality and a large pop of color to your kitchen. Use your granite countertops as your muse and choose rectangular or square mosaic tiles in similar colors to make your kitchen more uniform and elegant in style. Jewel tones are also popular choices in mosaic tile to give your food prep space a more modern and contemporary appeal. Consider pairing turquoise and emerald mosaic tiles with your granite countertop surface to create an appeal that is unique and unexpected.

When choosing granite for your countertops, keep your budget and personal style in mind. Not all granite styles are the same, so research the origin of the pieces you are considering before purchasing them so you choose the right color and durability of countertop for your personal needs. With proper care your granite countertops and complementary backsplash can last for many years. For more information, contact companies like GranBrazil Inc.