Creating Decorative Candle Centerpieces For Your Outdoor Party

If you are planning on hosting an event outdoors in the near future, you are most likely concerned about the decorations you will be providing to your guests to help in setting the atmosphere in a positive way. Adding centerpieces to the tables your guests will use for dining is a great way to accomplish the task in enhancing the party mood. Here are some steps you can take in decorating your tables with candles to give the party a festive aura throughout its duration.

Start With The Right Covering

Cover your tables with plastic table clothes in a color that goes along with the theme you select for your event. These can be secured to the bottoms of the tables with aid from painters tape as it will not cause damage to the table when it is removed. Use a place mat in a contrasting color to place your decorations on top of. This will aid in keeping your candle decorations from sliding on a slick surface. Alternately, large doilies or pieces of netting or cloth can be used as the base of your centerpieces.

Obtain Candle Holders And Accompaniments

Purchase several tea light candle holders from a reliable store in your area or online. These are simple glass holders that can be filled with water. Small candles are then placed inside of them. They will float inside of the holders, giving your tables a peaceful appearance. Purchase several candles as well as some food dye to tint the water so it matches the color of your theme. Plastic flowers, gemstones, and glitter can also be used to enhance your decorations.

Assemble Your Centerpieces To Complete The Look

Set a tea light candle holder in the center of the cloth, doily, or place mat you have positioned on each table. (You can buy a tea light candle holder online.) Fill them about halfway with water and add a few drops of food coloring to each container. Use a spoon to mix the coloring inside of the moisture. Set the candles inside of the holders. Consider gluing glitter or sparkling gemstones to the exteriors of each of the holders to give them a shimmering appearance. These additions will twinkle when the candles are lit, helping to enhance the decorations. Place some plastic flowers around the candle holders so they are obscured a bit. This addition will also give the decorations a relaxing appeal that will be sure to draw attention from your guests. Light your candles before the guests arrive.