Top 4 Styles Of Gutters You Can Use On Your Commercial Business

If your commercial business is in need of new gutters, one of the decisions you need to decide is what style of gutters you want installed on your business. Here is a basic run down of the different types of gutter shapes that you can use on your business.

#1 European Gutter

European gutters have a curved shaped to them. What makes them different than other styles of curved gutters is that the gutter bead turns to the outside instead of the inside. European style gutters tend to be made out of weathered metals. These style of gutters are very deep. This style of gutter has been around for hundreds of years, and looks very similar to gutters you would have found if you went back in time. Some people feel that the curved design is easy to scope out.

#2 Half-Rounded Gutters

These gutters are similar to European style gutters. However, with a half rounded gutter, the gutter beads turn to the inside instead of the outside. They are essential half circles whose opening faces up towards the sky.

The major issue with half-rounded gutters is that they are generally not very deep. This can cause a variety of different issues to develop. The lack of depth can cause the gutters to overflow easily and get off balance. Additionally, the gutter hangers that are used to hold them up have to be visible due to the lack of a flat back.

#3 Fascia Gutters

Fascia gutters are most commonly found on homes. When fascia gutters are installed, fascia boards do not need to be installed on the edge of the rafters. These types of gutters have a long, flat side that covers up the edge of your roof and side of your house. They have a flat bottom and then the other side is straight but inclined outwards away from your home. This incline on these gutters makes it easier to scope debris out of them.

This type of gutter looks like it is seamlessly attached to your home and doesn't require visible gutter hooks.

#4 K Style Cutters

K Style gutters are the most common type of gutters found on homes and businesses. These types of gutters are similar in some ways to fascia gutters. They have a straight back that goes against your home as well as a flat bottom. However, the side that faces out from your home is a little more stylish. It is designed to look more like decorative crown molding. This type of gutter is incredibly common because it adds a feel of sophistication to your home or business.

Talk with your contractor to figure out what type of gutter works best for your business. Take into consider how the gutter hangs, how easy it is to clean and what it looks like as you make your decision on what gutters will be right for your business. Contact a business such as Northwest Rain Gutter for more information.