Should You Buy A Leather Or Fabric Sofa?

Shopping for a sofa at a local furniture store can be exciting, but it can also be a bit stressful. There are so many different models and materials to choose from, after all. One of the first decisions you'll need to make is whether you want a leather or fabric sofa. Here's a look at the situations in which each is a good option.

Leather Sofas

Leather sofas look luxurious and high-end. They might be a good choice if you:

  • Prefer a sleek, modern look. The smoothness of leather coordinates well with a lot of modern interior designs. If the rest of your decor has more texture, the sofa's smoothness will be a good complement.
  • You have allergies. Leather won't grab onto pet dander, mold spores, and other allergens like fabric can, so it's considered hypoallergenic. You also don't have to worry about pet hair sticking to your sofa as you would with fabric.

Leather may not be the best choice if you:

  • Are on a tight budget. Leather sofas tend to cost a bit more than fabric ones. Even faux leather sofas typically come with a higher price tag than those made from canvas or microfiber.
  • Have kids. Leather is prone to scratches if you're rough with it. If you have kids, you may not want them scratching or scraping it with toys and other items.

Fabric Sofas

Though fabric sofas are sometimes thought of as lower-end than leather sofas, there are some very nice fabric sofas out there in most any price range. Fabric is a good choice if you:

  • Live in a warmer climate. Leather has a tendency to stick to your skin when it's warm or you're a little sweaty. Fabric, however, never sticks to you.
  • Prefer a cozy, homier look. If you have a country-style or more rustic home, a fabric sofa will look more in-place than a leather one.

You may not want to opt for a fabric sofa if you:

  • Don't have time to dedicate to cleaning. You'll need to vacuum the sofa regularly to keep it free from allergens. Upholstery cleaning every year or so will also keep it free from stains and odors.
  • Are aiming for sustainability. Most fabric sofas are made from artificial materials. If your goal is to maintain as "green" a home as possible, then leather, a natural material, may be a better choice for you.

With the tips above, you should have an easier time deciding between fabric and leather sofas. For more information, speak with a business like Think Outside... The Outdoor Great Room Store.