Eight Tips To Get Even More Enjoyment Out Of Your Home Theater Viewing Experience

If you have spent good money upgrading and enhancing your home theater room, don't jeopardize your viewing experience with some common mistakes. Sometimes, all it takes is some simple adjustments and modifications to improve your home viewing experience and to improve the resolution of your screen.

Eight tips to enhance your viewing experience are:

1. Position your television thoughtfully. Televisions should be at standing eye-level for the best vantage point in a room. Make sure that architectural features of the room, such as doors or beams, don't interfere with your view.

2. Invest in lights with dimming features. Ambient light can be harsh in a home theater, and it can make the image on the screen seem poor or washed-out. Invest in lights with dimmers to control the light during viewing.

3. Don't spoil the image with too much sunlight. Get heavy, room-darkening window treatments to keep the sun's glares away from your screen.

4. Consider the color of your room. White is a common, neutral color for your home, but not in your home theater. If possible, paint the room a dark color or use wood paneling to keep potential glares out of your space.

5. Check the settings on the set. A common mistake when trying to improve viewing experience is to change settings that later contribute to a poor image on your television or monitor. Consult with the owner manuals for your technology to review settings and return them to the recommended factory settings.

6. Ask about acoustics. Talk to technology experts and sales staff about the best speakers or sound-bars for your theater equipment. This will greatly enhance the acoustics, especially in rooms that are very large or very small.

7. Buy a mount. The best place for your television is mounted on a wall, so spare no expense when it comes to buying a sturdy TV mount. Make sure that the mount is securely installed to beams before hanging your television.

8. Hide the cords. Don't run the risk of someone tripping over cords and wires when visiting your home theater. Invest in wireless components to reduce this hazard, or come up with a clever way to conceal your cords and cables.

Talk with technology staff and experts about other ways to improve the experience of your home theater components, as well as to stay up to date on your electronics. Use these tips to enhance the image and overall performance of your home theater equipment.