3 Tips For Using Watering Funnels In Your Container Garden

If you are planning on creating a container garden on your front porch this spring, here are three tips that will help you effectively set up your container garden.

#1 Use Lots Of Potting Soil

There are a lot of different ideas out there as to what you can put inside of your containers, such as as packing peanuts, to make your containers lighter. However, filling up your containers with material other than soil will mean that your plants have even less soil to spread their roots into and the soil that they do have will most likely dry up even faster.

It is best to fill your containers up with potting soil. The more potting soil that you use will increase the retention of water inside of your containers, which will help your plants grow.  

#2 Add Fertilizer To Your Soil

Although potting soil will help your containers retain water for your plants, most potting soil mixes are lacking when it comes to the nutrients that your plants need to survive. In order for your plants to really grow, they need the access to the right nutrition. Purchase some slow release fertilizer and mix it in with your potting soil before you put in inside of your containers. That way, the slow releasing fertilizer will be evenly distributed in your pot for your plants to access. You'll want to add new fertilizer to your containers each year.

#3 Use Watering Funnels

One of the challenges of maintaining a container garden is ensuring that your plants get enough water and that the soil doesn't dry out. A great solution is a watering funnel. A watering funnel is a device that you place inside of your container when you plant the flowers, fruits and vegetables inside of your containers. You want to place the water funnel right next to the plant. The funnel will extend into the container. The funnel will have an opening on the top that you can pour water in. Then, the funnel has a variety of small openings that allow the water to slowly seep into the soil. A water funnel will help keep your soil moist and will allow for deep watering, which is where the water reaches all the way down to the roots.

If you are planning on starting a container garden this summer, make sure that you use lots of potting soil and incorporate fertilizer into the soil, and use watering funnels to ensure that your soil stays moist and that your plants grow deep root systems. For more information, contact companies like Seeding Square.